2019 Arbitio User - Testimonial


Hi guys

I got my LNAT score today - 34! So very pleased. I also got an offer from Oxford for Law and I’m sure the LNAT score must have helped. I’ve just come back today to say how helpful the Arbitio site was. The tests here are clearly more difficult and scores will be lower. I stopped worrying about scores so much on these reading tests and just used the site because a) it was challenging and b) the variety of passages got me thinking about a whole range of academic areas I hadn’t really considered. Arbitio practice tests done in conjunction with some of the LNAT books available from Amazon was a good combination.
In terms of the essay exercises - the questions were useful, but I felt the model answers used language of a style which is not the style of every student. LNAT and universities are very clear that they are not looking fo fancy academic language, but a good sense of organisation, clear ideas and maybe some interesting examples. The Arbitio questions were certainly useful practice, however.
The owner of this site was very courteous in letting me extend my subscription and I would like to thank him for his help. There are limited resources for LNAT students and its great that someone is producing something useful. I spent about 9 months doing bits of LNAT and it’s not something that can be done without a lot of help and practice. For all of you doing it this year, I wish you the very best of luck!


Congrats on your score! out of curiosity what averages were you getting on your Arbitio tests? asking just to see the disparity between Arbitio and the real exam


Hi could you also expand on how long a typical subscription is?